‘How to use PestNu project’s digital and space-based technologies (DSTs) internal trainings.

Three internal trainings on How to use PestNu’s digital and space-based technologies (DST), with emphasis on greenhouse usage and operation took place during the third and fourth week of February, 2023.

More specifically, on the 16th of February , the project partner Tellab, trained for 1 hour, Tilamur and University of Thessaly (UTH), on their nitrite/nitrate analyser. On the 17th, iKnowHow (IKH) offered a 1.5 hours training to Tilamur, UTH and CDTA on the robot they are developing.

 Finally, the 24th of February, AGROROBOTICA offered a two-hours training to Tilamur and UTH regarding their product, SpyFly.