‘Use of PestNu’s digital and space-based technologies (DST)’ Internal Trainings

Three internal trainings regarding the use of PestNu digital and space-based technologies (DSTs) with emphasis on open field usage and operation, took place during February 2023 online.
The aim of the trainings has been the exchange of knowledge and know-how among the consortium partners. More specifically, on February 14th,  Agroinsider trained CDTA & University of Thessaly on their service, Agroradar, for AOPs. On February 16th, the project partner Tellab, trained CDTA on their nitrite/nitrate analyser and finally on the 24th of February, AGROROBOTICA offered a training to CDTA regarding their product, SpyFly.

The total duration of the above mentioned trainings was five (5) hours and they have been operated using the digital platforms of Zoom and MS Teams.