PestNu participated in the European Robotics Forum (ERF) 2023, in Denmark!

We proudly announce that PestNu project, represented by the Project Coordinator, Dr. Ria Pechlivani (CERTH), and Angeliki Pilalitou (iKnowHow) participated in the workshop ‘Robotics in precision agriculture and harvesting’ organized by the ERF.

The workshop took place on the 14th of March, at Odense, Denmark. During the workshop the concept and the expected outcomes of PestNu project have been presented, as well as the concept and the outcomes of PestNu robot’s development by Dr. Ria Pechlivani. The technical capabilities of the PestNu agrobot have been presented by Ms. Aggeliki Pilalitou of iKnowHow SA, who is developing it.

In PestNu we take gender balance very seriously and we are proud that the project has been represented by two women!

The workshop has been organized in the context of the clustering activities of BACCHUS project and three other EU funded projects (PestNu included), which work on the Agrifood sector participated.

More information regarding the workshop and its agenda can be found on this link: Robotics in Precision Agriculture & Harvesting – European Robotics Forum 2023 (