The 3rd National Workshop of Austria was a blast!

Τhe third national workshop “Soil health and water quality”, organized by the Austrian Cluster and more specifically GLOBAL2000, took place in Vienna, on June 11, 2024. This workshop was a blend of physical and virtual participation in a hybrid mode. The event drew a diverse audience, with 18 participants engaging both in-person (12) and online (6), representing a total of 10 organizations from across Europe.

The workshop consisted of two separate groups. In the first discussion group, the participants discussed practical strategies to promote soil health in Europe based on their wealth of experience and the challenges they faced. Additionally, PestNu partners – AgroInsider, NeoAlgae and Tellab – gave online presentations about PestNu innovations.

In the second discussion group, the participants discussed the challenges of PFAS contamination in our environment and, also, noted that is was not obvious how pesticides containing PFAS could be substituted in a sustainable manner.

The diverse group of participants created a collaborative atmosphere, making the workshop a hub of insightful dialogue and shared expertise.