PestNu promotional activity at Masoutis Supermarkets.

An interesting promotional activity took place at Masoutis Supermarkets at Thessaloniki, Greece in March.

Flyers and posters which presented PestNu project and how it is contributing to a sustainable future, were placed at key locations at the supermarkets, so each customer who navigated around this sector was able to be informed about the project and its relevance to organic food products. Additionally, one to one promotional activities took place, and promoters distributed flyers to customers.

In “Kalamaria” store, which is one of the biggest stores of Masoutis Supermarket chain, an activation which included free sampling of organic vegetables took place. Each sample was accompanied by a flyer of PestNu project.

This important activity raised the awareness of the project in Greece and also offered Masoutis representatives, the opportunity to gather very positive feedback from the customers regarding the project. The comments of the customers were focused on the importance of food safety to the consumers and the innovative processes introduced by the project.