PestNu is co- organizing the workshop “Challenges in stakeholder inclusion in the food sector”

PestNu is co- organizing an online workshop about the challenges associated with adopting innovative solutions for reducing food loss/waste. The event will take place online Tuesday 25th of June at 10:00-13:00 CET.

This event brings together nine innovative projects from the EU’s Green Deal Support Office Working Group on Food, such as PestNu, alongside stakeholders and practitioners to tackle the adoption of new solutions and foster collaboration.

The planned event will be a 2-3 hours long workshop divided into 3 blocks:

Block 1: Impulse Talks

After a brief introduction by DG representatives, Food WG-projects and representatives of producers, retailers, or end users will hold brief impulse talks in order to explain the nature of the scepticism and offer some alternative solutions to those impacted.

Block 2: Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions will focus on issues and affected stakeholders and policymakers can convene with Food WG representatives and practitioners to map out a solution to address challenges in the adoption of new and innovative solutions. There will be 3 breakout rooms, one for producers, retailers and consumers with a moderator in each room. Topics discussed will be: policy background and the pathways to solutions in order to tackle the scepticism.

Block 3: Harvesting

5-10 min for each group in the plenary session, participants will reconvene to collect and showcase the outcomes of their individual discussions and, ideally, devise next steps that will advance the policy landscape. The moderators will present the information from the breakout sessions using 2-3 slides and the final output will be a leaflet directed at policymakers summarizing the results. Topics discussed will be: results of the discussions and next steps.

You can participate in this workshop following this link: