Get Ready for the 3rd National Workshop in Portugal!

On 28 May 2024,  AgroInsider  and APEMETA, the Portuguese partners of PestNu project, will host the  third (and last) National Workshop, titled “How to increase Sustainability in Agricultural Production?”

The workshop will take place from 10:30 am to 17:00 pm, mainly in the Portuguese language. The event will be hybrid and the participants can join either physically at the Lisbon Metropolitan Area Auditorium in Sta Apolónia, Lisbon  or online.

The workshop’s agenda is comprised of 2 sessions  (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and a round table discussion.

The morning session will be dedicated to Technology for the Sustainability of Agricultural Production, combining the contributions of the PestNu project with other relevant national projects. It will also include a practical section to discuss and evaluate the ethical and societal impact of agricultural innovations.

The afternoon session will feature a panel dedicated to the economic viability of the transition to sustainability, which will bring together different approaches on how SMEs can adopt innovation to improve their business models and in line with European policies to promote sustainability.

Finally a round table dedicated to the importance of networking will take place. This round table discussion will bring together good practices from facilitators and organisations, attempting to promote the debate about their mission, vision, importance, as well as opportunities and constraints for their action. 

Make sure that you will reserve your seat (or e-seat) on time by registering to the workshop on this link: Formulário Inscrição Workshop PestNu 28/05/2024, Lisboa ( You can find the detailed agenda of the 3rd  National Workshop in Portugal, in the files below: