Collaborative Efforts: PestNu and LIFE eGymer Join Forces for a Greener Future

PestNu is delighted to announce its recent collaboration with the LIFE eGymer project, a promishing partnership that aims to make a significant impact on sustainable pest management.

What is LIFE eGymer?

LIFE eGymer is a project that focuses on addressing environmental challenges posed by the gypsy moth, a pest responsible for ecological issues in both natural and urban areas. The project aims to mitigate these concerns through the use of innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

A Shared Vision: AI Trap for Insect Detection

One of the common activities between PestNu and LIFE eGymer is the development of an AI trap for insect detection. This innovative trapping and monitoring system takes center stage in the LIFE eGymer project and is specifically designed to come up against the gypsy moth problem. This particular pest noticeably affects urban and forest areas, including Natura 2000 sites. The proposed system combines cutting-edge pest control methods with contemporary technologies for continuous monitoring in various EU countries and climate zones.

Key Objectives of LIFE eGymer Include:

  • Promoting Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for gypsy moth control.
  • Significantly reducing the use of harmful pesticides.
  • Minimizing the impact of chemicals on local fauna and biodiversity.
  • Introducing remote moth population monitoring for early warning and timely action.
  • Reducing healthcare expenditures associated with the health effects of pesticide exposure.
  • Incorporating new recyclable products and services into the value chain.

This collaboration represents a crucial step forward in our collective mission to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. PestNu and LIFE eGymer are committed to pioneering innovative solutions that benefit the environment, human health, and biodiversity.

We are excited to embark on this journey with LIFE eGymer and look forward to the positive impact our collaboration will have on both projects.

For more information about the LIFE eGymer project, please visit their website at

Stay tuned for updates on our collaborative efforts!