“Aquaponics Innovations: Exploring Aquaponics Techniques and PestNu Discoveries” an event organized by AGROVAST!

PestNu Consortium partner AGROVAST, supported by GLOBAL2000, UTH, and Tilamur, organized a successful webinar on the Aquaponics Innovation sector, on the 16th of January at 10-12CET!

The webinar, centering on the innovative field of aquaponics, featured insightful presentations from UTH and Tilamur, PestNu consortium partners based in Greece and Spain, respectively. These presentations showcased their respective facilities, detailed the work undertaken, and presented the achieved results, offering a comprehensive understanding of the operational dynamics of aquaponics in their pilot sites.

Adding to the wealth of information, War3m, a prominent Swedish company, shared their case study highlighting their successful endeavors in the sector.

All presentations were oriented in achieving the three major goals/outcomes:

🌍 Discover the forefront of aquaponics!
🌱 Explore field trials and cutting-edge techniques!
🏞️ Learn from real-world examples in sustainable agriculture!

The audience, comprised of about 30 professionals, mainly industry representatives, researchers, and academia professionals, engaged enthusiastically with the presentations, evidenced by the wide spectrum of questions that followed.

The diverse audience profile further emphasizes the interdisciplinary appeal of this innovative agricultural approach. The positive reception and engagement observed during the webinar serve as compelling evidence for the necessity of organizing more events in the near future.

Both AGROVAST and GLOBAL2000 have effectively partnered to organize this one-of-a-kind webinar. STRATAGEM served as the moderator of this webinar, supporting this initiative.

On the PDF File below, there is the agenda and explore the esteemed speakers and interesting presentations!